Top 5 natural remedies for bigger breasts

Most adult women are unsatisfied with the size of their cleavage. In fact, few of them can showcase the natural gift of large, firm breasts to catch the admiration of almost any guy out there.

Modern medicine and even fashion have tried long and hard to come up with a remedy for small-chested ladies. From breast implants to reconstructive surgeries, all the way through the padded cups of push up bras, there have been many attempts to guarantee long-term bust enlargement. Unfortunately, none of these methods of cleavage augmentation have been as efficient as these five natural remedies for bigger breasts:

Chest enlargement exercises

Who knew you could increase the size of your breasts simply by exercising on your living room floor? Daily chest exercises are the cheapest way of enhancing your cup size. All you need to invest are 30 minutes per day, and possibly $5 in an exercise mat.

Your daily workout routine for a bigger bust should include exercises like wall press, sit-ups, push-ups and lifting small weights. These simple activities tone your body and help you lose the extra fat. Also, since the same exercises put pressure on your chest muscles, you will be able to develop larger and firmer bosoms in just a few months.

Breast massages

Your bust grows naturally until the age of 22. Afterward, an indirect increase can be an effect of hormonal imbalance. This breast enhancement method is the least healthy one, and it can have irreversible effects on your well-being. Once you reach adulthood, you can still augment your bosoms through regular massages. Daily therapies with natural oils and breast enhancement creams can lead to positive results in the long term.

Breast augmentation pills

Traditional medicine provides safe and efficient solutions for breast enlargement through unique compositions of natural ingredients. Bust enlargement pills contain a broad range of nutrients, vitamins, and hormones that nourish your body and support the steady enhancement of your bosoms. Most of these remedies are over-the-counter drugs, and you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy them. Therefore, you can naturally increase the size of your cleavage at home without having to pay for expensive medical treatments or suffer from the adverse side effects delivered by most of them.

Eat estrogen-packed foods

Estrogen is the female hormone that influences the biological reactions in a woman’s body, including breast growth. As you age, your metabolism produces less and less estrogen, which leads to a complete halt of your chest development. To reach the real potential of your bosoms, you need to consume the quantity of hormones that your body can no longer produce.

A diet rich in estrogen includes soybeans, eggs, anise seeds, salmon and peanut butter among others. As you can see, you can prepare delicious dishes that support a healthy enhancement of your breasts without going through dietary restrictions.

Add fenugreek for speedy breast enhancement

If you want your diet to be the primary catalyst of your bust enlargement remedy, you should include fenugreek in everything you consume. This plant has been clinically proven to increase breast size naturally. You can add its aromatic seeds to stews and salads, or take a food supplement that contains a high amount of fenugreek extract.