How to use herbs to enlarge breast size at home

Being able to grow bigger breasts is every woman’s dream. Many ladies imagine how easy life would be if bust augmentation could be enabled by the push of a button. While such a mechanism has not been invented yet, there are a few sure ways of enlarging your bosoms safe and comfortable in the comfort of your home.

Researchers have come up with a list of medicinal plants that can grow your breast size if you consume them with in combination with a powerful bust enhancer like Breast Actives. Here are the herbs that take you from A cup to C cup in just a few months:


Nutritionists recommend fenugreek as a natural hormonal balancer for a woman’s body. Following extended clinical tests, doctors discovered that this plant could prevent breast cancer, increase bust size and help mothers through the breastfeeding process. To unlock its cleavage enhancing abilities, you need to consume fenugreek in its strong, concentrated form, as it is found in over-the-counter breast augmentation treatments.

Breast Actives is a revolutionary bust enhancer that uses a 100% natural composition to give women the pleasure of displaying a larger cleavage. While the chest increase does not happen overnight, regular use of this breast augmentation supplement ensures long-term bust growth with zero side effects.


Many women are desperate to have a bigger chest, which is why the resort to extreme medical procedures. Breast implants are popular nowadays, even if the full extent of their side effects has not been proven yet. In fact, the FDA has released a study that shows how the dangers of bust augmentation surgeries are worse than we thought they were. Some of these perils include:

  • Cancer
  • Muscle deformation
  • Permanent breast tissue destruction
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Low birth weight for a newborn

A much safer alternative to breast implants is using herbs to enlarge your bust at home. Fennel is an attractive plant that can develop the chest tissue naturally, and at a safe speed. This is possible with its high amount of flavonoids – compounds that sustain the natural growth of a woman’s cleavage. You can use this plant in salads, stews, and soups, but you can maximize its enhancing properties by taking two pills of Breast Actives per day. This supplement is rich in fennel and other vitamins that boost your chances of developing larger, more appealing bosoms.

Dong Quai

This plant is commonly known as the female version of ginseng. It’s powerful curative properties have propelled it as one of the best natural remedies for gynecological problems in Asia. Some doctors from that region also recommend it to women who want to grow bigger breasts.

Unfortunately, finding Dong Quai in any other country than China is quite difficult. The great news is that you can still enhance the size of your breasts at home with the help of this plant. Breast Actives contains a significant quantity of Dong Quai extracts to guarantee consumers of 100% natural breast enhancement.