Best superfoods for your overall health

Superfoods are nature’s gift that keeps on giving. There are endless benefits provided by these foods that prevent terminal diseases, cure minor ailments and even balance hormone production. Your nutritional plan may be consistent and nourishing, but it can always be improved by adding some of the following ingredients:


Nutritionists all over the world recommend patients to substitute red meat with fish. Some people follow this advice and add various types of fish and seafood to their diet. However, few species offer the same benefits for your overall health that salmon does.

Salmon meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – compounds that prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol and balance the sugar blood levels. Recent medical research has revealed that women who consume the right type of fat, such as the one provided by salmon can augment their breast size without storing excess fat in other areas of their bodies.

Soybeans and soy sauce

Your overall health is dependent on your hormonal balance. The lack of equilibrium among the chemical reactions that take place in your body is the primary cause for major health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Fortunately, you can restore this balance by consuming the right ingredients.

Superfoods such as soybeans and the products that derive from this plant are rich in estrogen – a natural hormone specific that is essential for the well-being of women. While men obtain very few benefits from the consumption of soybeans, women can enhance their beauty and even increase their bust size through regular use.

Anise seeds

The small pulses of anise are not everybody’s favorite condiment choice. Their strong fragrance and spicy taste have only a select group of followers. However, nutritionists have deemed these seeds as superfoods due to their remarkable health benefits. Women who struggle with infertility should consume anise seeds to increase their chances of becoming pregnant. Other effects of adding anise to your meals are breast enhancement and hormonal balance.


The colonization of South America has put several superfoods under the international spotlight. One of them is Maca, a potato-like plant that is rich in iron, potassium, and calcium. All these elements are crucial to the wellness of any human being. However, this tuber that is also an excellent source of fiber and protein has the role in balancing hormone production in women who are going through stages like pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.


Kale used to be a staple food for animal livestock. Almost every farmer stocked this leafy green plant in their barns to feed their animals during the long medieval winters. Nowadays, every weight watcher with a well-organized nutrition plan packs their fridge with several branches of kale. The benefits of adding the small, stingy leaves to salads, soups, and stews are weight loss, antioxidants and a high amount of fiber.

Medical studies show that women who consume kale on a regular basis are less likely to experience mood swings and hormonal imbalance during menstruation. More than that, kale allows them to trim the excess fat from their midriff, and to store the necessary fat in larger, firmer breasts.